Venice in Wonderland - Palazzina Riva Venezia

The "chambers" of the Palace

Located within a historic building facing the Grand Canal, our contemporary designed apartments are an oasis of charm, comfort and tranquility.
The varieties of apartments have been studied in detail to offer our guests the possibility to make their stay exclusive and personalized.

Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.

Truman Capote

History, art and legend

Palazzina Riva, historically also known as “Palazzetto Gritti” in the guidebook written by the Lorenzetti, is a precious 16th-century building facing the Grand Canal.

Design, concept and philosophy of hospitality

We believe in the harmony of opposites, where the charm of history and the comfort of contemporary design come together without compromise, for an original and all-embracing experience.


Most especially in a city as unique as Venice, which melodiously releases its own enchantment from the dodecaphony of its notes.

doccia walk in palazzina rriva venezia
cucina di design blu palazzina riva

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